About Me


juan andres vargas

I was born in 1940 and raised and educated in Taos, NM a small village in the north-central part of the state in the Sangre de Cristo mountains. Our family was poor, even by Taos standards.  But we always had lots of food and nightly desserts, thanks to my parents drying, canning and otherwise preserving summer’s bountiful crops.  As a child I remember running barefooted through fields and learned to whistle while running with the wind.

My life has been both ordinary and unique.  Because of my inability to afford university, I was drafted into the Army which later provided the means for me to attend the University of New Mexico where I majored in English and Spanish (my native tongue).  From there I went to law school at the Thurgood Marshall College of Law where I graduated with a Juris Doctorate.  I returned to New Mexico (Taos) where I practiced general law, was a Special Assistant Attorney General for the State of New Mexico, raised two lovely daughters, and was twice elected Probate Judge of Taos County.  I still practice law in my 80’s.